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The bulb plug is made from some polywood and a bit of P.U. foam to start with. After that it was a matter of grinding and sanding until I got the form that I was looking for. After that  I had to paint it, to get a nice smooth surface. If you are interested in this plug, it is For Sale.

Cutting out the bulb plug The bulb plug gleu't together the plug with a bit of P.U.R. foam. bringing it in sheap with a rasp. It is starting to look like a bulb.

The glass fibre. I did put on the glass fibre cloth a little bit diver end than most people do. First I covert the whole skin of the hull with glass fibre cloth that I fastened with a staple at the outside of the cloth. After that I did cover the whole hull lane fore lane with epoxy. I think that it is match easier to work like this, than that you first put the epoxy on and than the glass fibre cloth and after that put some more epoxy on to fill the cloth with epoxy. It work't out very fine at my boot. O.k. maybe I had a little bit more work with ungassing the epoxy, but you will need to do that in they other case also.

Finisht The first layer of paint. The ruder befor the first layer of epoxy. You can see the carbon fiber and the glas fiber. Putting the hull in a coat of glas fibers. Cutting like a profesional.

Finally epoxy coating. After that I had all the glass fibre in place It became time to putt the epoxy on. I think that needed for the first layer about 9 litres. For the second and the third layer I needed about 2 litre every time. In between the second and the third layer I sanded the whole hull to take of the upstanding pieces of glass fibre, and the high spots.   

Taking of the small pieces. The hull in a glas coat. Looking good. And away it is. You don't see anything from the glas fibers. Sanding the dagerboard.There is a black bike standing behind me!!!

The rudders and the dagger board. I heart a few guy's talk about problems with broken rudders and dagger board's. So I decided that it maybe better to make them a bit stronger by putting some carbon fibre on them.

Filler, sanding, filler, sanding, filler, sanding, filler. I can tell you that that is a lot of work. 90% of the problems is the so call't Radius chine area. The rest is easy. That is a big lesson for the next time.

Spraying. I both my self a professional spraying pistol with 4 diver end nozzles, so that I can spray all kind of paint. I started with the Panser coating. I mix't it as it was standing in the manual. Butt that seems to bee a little bit to thick. The first layer look's more like a orange's. But you have to start with something is end it. After a few time it became better. I did putt 5 layers off panser coat on the hull. I did not finish it yet. One's I have finish's the rest of the boat, than I will putt the paint on the complete boat at one's. I will put some anti fouling on the bottom.

The first time sanding.

the first time filler on the compleet hull. Also on the top. This part is the most work. I look like a profesional sprayer.
One's it is completle white than it start's to look like a Mini. It's winter in holland. So here is the gas heather.

The turning of the hull. This went nice and easy. It took approximately 1 hour to do this.

Here the hull is finisht. And the frame is on it ready to turn the hull around. With a littel help.... Here the foilhouse is away. Whe have a lift off.
The SuperCarolus 1 is going to the mosque. starting to turn it over. On her site here. And the supercarolus 1 has made a save landing. Again a lift off!!!!
A bitt narrow between the tree's piece of cake. The Supercarolus 1 has almost made a save landing. The supercarolus 1 has landed. The video.

Taking out the building frame. The frame did it's job. The next time!!!!!!! I will make it a little bit stiffer.

Tacking out the building frame. Peter in action.
Here I did putt some extra epoxy on the bow. Making the daggerboard casing. Gleu the mast step together. The mast step gleud in place. Some extra epoxy on the point were I think that I wil need it the most.


The building of a mini. Part 3.


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