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Spring. I had to wait until April before I couth do something. The epoxy inpregner  needed 15C before I can use it. For the normal epoxy I had a special harder that made it possible to work with it until 5C.

Putting on the impregneer. putting on the impregneer. The ballast tank in place. My son. helping with the sanding. My daughter helping with the sanding.

The water ballast system. Two tanks at the outside of the hull. To give extra weight on the high side of the boat.  

The first storage box is finsch't. I think that I have stept 500 time's over the bulkhead's. The first deck plate is inplace. The second deck plate. The other side.

unsinkable. I think that the mini how I am building is almost unsinkable. The whole boat is divided in separate rooms. So that in case that the unthinkable happens (as the are saying on the big ferry's) never more then one or two sections become flooded. And then there is also the 1,5 m3 foam to keep the whole thing afloat in case of the unthinkable happens. A save idear I think.

Getting som help with the plate at the end. It is becoming something. The cabin in place. The water ballast system!!! The escape hatch is now cut out.

Valves. there are a few valves in the boat. Four 2 way valves and one bigger single valve for the water ballast. The two way valves are needed to pump out the water out of the cabin and pump water in the water ballast tank's. In case that there is not enough speed for the water scoop to pump the water in to the tank

The escape hatch. It is there because the mini 650 rules says so. But some mini sailors are very creative with it. I think that in some mini's it is impossible to go trough the hatch from the inside. The only put it there for the live raft. In the regulation stands that  the life raft has to be within one meter of the hatch. And there is nothing standing there that there has to go a human trough the hatch???

View from the back with the dagerboard casing in place. The cockpit flour in place. This is how it look's under the cockpit floor. The hatch in place. The bulbplug part 2.

The bargeboard casing. That gave also a few problems. I made it with the dagerboard as a plug. First I did put 5 layers of plastic folly around the dagerboard. After that I did put 5 layers of Fiberglas with in between epoxy over the plastic. Easy I though. Yes. Until it was hardened out. I couth do what I wanted but I couth not get the dagerboard out. So I had to cut it out. that gave me the opportunity to sand the inside of the casing. after that I did put the two half's back together again and finish it was.

The plug. Part 2. The plug that I needed for the bulb became also a problem. The P.U. kept shrinking. And that made that the plug was bending. It shrunk so match that the surface shrunk also. So I had to repair it. I did saw the P.U. in peaces and did fill lt  it up with filler. After that I did fill it out with filler at the outside, I had to sand it again. I hoop that it keep strait and even now.

The main hatch. The hatch that originally was drawn by mister Dix is one the few things dad I don't like about the design. I don't know what the idea  behind it was. But I did not like it. I decided to make it bigger. I am not so handy any more that I can bend myself in any angel. I don't know if it will work with the water spray. Well see.

Retractable keel.  I have to make a retractable keel. I found out that a lot of the harbours in the neighbourhood, are not deep enough. I am not shore how I will make it  jet. We will see.

The sail maker thinks that this is to much. I have ask a sail maker what he found about the mini that I am building. He thinks that it is to much. 120M2 sail is to much. The spar builder thinks that 2.2 kg per meter is to light. And so on??????? And the know what the are talking about. But I think that Dudly Dix is not stupid ether. So and now?????



To be continued........

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